More Exploration About Laminated ABL Tubes

The laminated ABL tubes are the new hybrid tube manufactured through extrusion molding.

Basically it consists of five layers: polyethylene – hot glue- aluminum – hot glue – polyethylene .

It possesses excellent mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, temperature resistance, and hygiene properties. The self life of aluminum-layer plastic tube can reach up to 50 years.

What we should pay attention to when using the laminated tubes:

One of the purposes of laminated ABL tubes is to protect products during transportation and facilitate storage and handling.  Therefore, hybrid flexible tubes must also possess a certain level of mechanical strength. The primary indicator for testing the mechanical strength of plastic soft tube is the burst strength. The tubes should meet the condition of not rupturing under 0.2 MPa pressure for 30 seconds.

Consideration should be given to the characteristics of the packaged product when it comes to the options of various flexible tubes.

It’s essential to pay attention to the following points:

Hygienic performance: depending on its intended use, the hybrid flexible tubes must meet specific hygiene performance criteria. Key control indicators include residual evaporation, heavy metal content, and potassium permanganate consumption. For pharmaceutical tube packaging, microbial content also needs to be controlled. To meet these requirements, not only do the raw materials need to meet the specified criteria, but the production processes and production environment also need to meet certain standards.

Most cosmetics contain grease, and the unsaturated bonds in these grease are prone to oxidation, resulting in rancidity. This oxidative rancidity is called “acidification,” and oxygen is the primary factor causing cosmetics to undergo this process. The oxidation of unsaturated fats is a chain reaction, meaning that once a small portion begins to oxidize, it can lead to the complete spoilage of the grease. Oxidation products such as acids and aldehydes can be irritating to the skin, causing dermatitis. They can also lead to color changes and the release of rancid odors in the product, thus compromising its quality. Therefore, in the production, storage, and use of cosmetics, every effort should be made to prevent the occurrence of grease rancidity.

The toothpaste tubes have outstanding light blocking properties.

Although light does not directly cause oxidation, certain wavelengths of light can promote oxidation.

The laminated ABL tubes also have brilliant water blocking properties. Some water-containing products have low moisture content, which will affect their use, so they must maintain a certain moisture content within a certain period of time. In addition, the coupling between the shoulder and the cap of the laminated tube should also be tight, or a sealing film should be used for sealing.

The composite aluminum-barrier plastic tubes need to have a certain stiffness and appropriate surface friction coefficient to help improve the production efficiency of the filling machine.

Wide application range of the composite tube.

At present, the hybrid soft packaging tubes have been widely used, mainly in food packaging: such as condensed milk, chocolate sauce, chili sauce, mustard, etc. In pharmaceutical packaging: such as burn ointment, external dermatitis ointment, etc. In cosmetic packaging: such as toothpaste, facial cleanser, facial mask, hair dye, etc.