Aluminum Soft Tube

Properties of aluminum collapsible tube:

  • Airtight of the aluminum squeeze tube,
  • No ingress of light and UV rays,
  • Heat-resistant,
  • Corrosion-resistant,
  • The Aluminum Cosmetic Tube efficiently protects the contents by preventing bacteria, germs and other potentially hazardous substances from entering the tube.

The Aluminum Squeezing Tube is made from pure aluminum slug or flake in purity not inferior to 99.7%. It is generally used as the packaging for hair color cream because of its excellent anti-ammonia ability.  The aluminum empty tube for hair dye is usually applied with inner lacquer and bottom latex.

100% recyclable

In addition to the properties above, the aluminum empty tubes are 100% recyclable.

Sterile handling

The aluminum soft tubes are perfectly adapted to products requiring the highest standards of hygiene and quality like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and foods.


The use of aluminum cream tube allows preservative-free processing of products in the food industry.


Aluminum squeezing tube has been used for packaging purposes in various sectors. Thanks to new printing techniques, the aluminum flexible tubes can be printed in 8 different colors with a wide array of finishes.