Laminated Cosmetic Packaging

Soft Laminated Plastic Tube Provides Best Solution of Packaging

The laminated cosmetic packaging tube is a composite material, which forms the body of the plastic tubes. The ABL cosmetic tubes provide a stable packaging platform for many industries. Laminated Barrier Tubes are largely a cosmetic tube. However it’s been extensively used to pack toothpaste as well as personal care lines and pharmaceuticals. The laminated cosmetic packaging tubes are so versatile that they are ideal for food as well as the chemical industry.  The laminated toothpaste tube provides unmatched clarity and artwork solutions with the great performance of 8 colors printing. The ABL plastic tube is also the premium surface presentation. 

Key Features and Benefits:

  • – excellent aroma barrier;
  • – no cracking even during repeated deformation (bending);
  • – excellent barrier property to water vapor and oxygen;
  • – absence of shape memory effect of the tube.


  • – white;
  • – transparent or semitransparent; 
  • – custom colors or OEM design available on request.


The layer of the tube protects the contents from oxygen and also prevents oils from transferring through the layers of the tube. 



The empty laminated plastic tube provides an effective barrier to light, moisture, oils, fats, volatile chemicals and microorganisms. The plastic barrier tubes are well suited to the pharmaceutical industry because of their ability to hold aggressive products such as liniment creams and antiseptics.


The soft laminated plastic tubes are perfectly suited for shampoos, conditioners, skin cream and UV sunscreens too. With our variety of shapes, sizes and colors, as well as EVOH for barrier protection, you can always custom design your cosmetic tubes to meet your end marketing needs.


There are a variety of tube options suitable for industrial applications. From the chemicals such as adhesives to more sensitive contents including food, the ABL plastic tubes can comply with most requirements. The plastic barrier tube will assist you in meeting your requirements while satisfying your unique marketing and industry needs.