What is your option between ABL tube and PBL tube?

ABL aluminum barrier tube VS PBL plastic barrier tube

Nowadays,  tube packaging has been widely used in various industries. It’s been more popular in the area of packaging for food, pharmacy and cosmetic. The composite soft packaging tube basically includes PBL Plastic Barrier Layer Tube and ABL Aluminum Barrier Tube.

Here are the structure charts of both tubes:

ABL Aluminum Barrier tube is widely used for toothpaste and other paste products, such as lubricant, grease, gel and pharmacy ointment

The Plastic Tube Package is widely used in the areas of cosmetic, pharmacy and chemical products.

Here comes the question: how to choose the soft tube packaging proper for your products?  Let’s have a brief review on different characters of the tubes. You could choose the packaging according to the specification and requirement of your products.

ABL / Aluminum Barrier Tube

Laminated / Toothpaste Tube

 PBL / Plastic Barrier Tube
1.  Outstanding performance in barrier block:  The aluminum foil from the ABL tube is non-toxic and  tasteless, and excellent in electrical conductivity, Light shading property, moisture and air proof.Its barrier performance is unmatched and irreplaceable by any other polymer materials and vapor deposition films. 1. Excellent barrier performance: the plastic barrier layer used in the all-plastic tube is the kind of greater barrier plastic film.
2. Exquisite appearance: it has a very beautiful metallic luster, and you can choose a variety of colors. 2.  Strong resilience – it can be restored to its original shape after squeeze;
3.  All content filled can be squeezed out that makes no waste. 3.  Exquisite appearance and printing: the most delicate patterns or photos can be presented on the PBL tube via offset or silk printing method, which triggers the consumers’ desire to buy.
4.  Excellent chemical resistance: when the composition of the content is unstable, ABL aluminum barrier tube makes a better protect. 4.  It is very environmental-friendly, and easy to recycle, and can better implement the concept of sustainable development, thereby enhancing your brand value and increasing consumer loyalty to the brand.
5.  Soft and durable.

Conclusion: generally speaking, ABL tube is recommended if you are looking for better chemical resistance, while PBL tube is recommended if you are after fine printing and environmental performance.