Cosmetic Packaging

collapsible empty tube packaging for hair color

Collapsible Tubes are Widely Used in Our Daily Life

Collapsible Empty Tube Packaging for Cosmetic Packaging When it comes to semi-liquid, ointment or cream products, collapsible tubes, say aluminum collapsible tube, or plastic collapsible tube, or laminated tube, are always supposed to be your top option. Comparatively, the collapsible empty tube packaging has the advantages of easy and sanitary application over other packages. Such as the can, jar or bottle. The Aluminum Collapsible Tube is made from pure aluminum slug or flake in purity not inferior to 99.7%. It is generally [...]

ABL aluminum barrier tube

What is your option between ABL tube and PBL tube?

ABL aluminum barrier tube VS PBL plastic barrier tube Nowadays,  tube packaging has been widely used in various industries. It’s been more popular in the area of packaging for food, pharmacy and cosmetic. The composite soft packaging tube basically includes PBL Plastic Barrier Layer Tube and ABL Aluminum Barrier Tube. Here are the structure charts of both tubes: ABL Aluminum Barrier tube is widely used for toothpaste and other paste products, such as lubricant, grease, gel and pharmacy ointment The Plastic Tube Package [...]

Aluminum Squeezable Tube

Do You Know How the Inner Wall of the Aluminum Squeezable Tube Works Efficiently?

Key Characteristics of the aluminum squeezable tube The pure collapsible aluminum tubes were initially used as packaging of pigment because it’s more convenient to carry and store.  It become popular as the container and packaging of semi-liquid, cream and ointment products afterwards.  The aluminum squeezable tube was found practical packaging though small-sized, and the sealing property is enhanced dramatically, which prevent the cream or ointment from being spoiled, and ensure shelf-time of the products, such as pharmacy ointment, hair colorant [...]

aluminum soft tube for personal skin

Why Inner Lacquer Is Sprayed To the Interior Wall Of Aluminum Soft Tube?

Aluminum Soft Tube is everywhere: Speaking of the aluminum soft tube, people might feel a bit strange. But the aluminum collapsible tubes are obviously accessible in our daily life. For example, hand cream, pharmaceutical ointment, tooth paste and glue are commonly contained in aluminum soft tubes. Aluminum tubes are generally used as the packaging of ointment and paste products. The ointment products for end consumers is usually small-volume.  It is convenient to have the products in 3ml to 100ml contained in the [...]

Aluminum Empty Tubes

What the Triangle Pattern on The Aluminum Collapsible Tube Is Used for?

The aluminum empty tubes need to be marked with special pattern under certain situation The raw aluminum is well characterized by its ductility, airtightness and safety. And it’s commonly used in the manufacture of packaging of medicine, ointment, cream, glue and adhesive etc.. and is closely related to people’s daily life. People with normal eyesight can identify the feature, safety and usage of the product visually from the instruction and images on the packaging etc.. But people with visual disability will necessarily [...]

Aluminum Collapsible Tubes

Do You Know The Difference Between Tubes with Open Orifice and Seal Orifice?

Open orifice Vs. Sealed Orifice of the aluminum collapsible tubes: The orifice of the aluminum collapsible tubes are usually made open and sealed with membrane. It is well known that the aluminum empty tubes are used as the packaging of food, cosmetic cream, medicine ointment and chemical grease, such as mustard, chocolate, animal nutrition, hair color, hand cream, shaving gel, adhesive, glue, grease, shoe polish, paint etc. The aluminum collapsible tubes made out of pure aluminium has sound performance in airtightness. The [...]

Something You May Not Know too Much About The Aluminum Tube Packaging

The flexible aluminum collapsible tubes is not uncommon in our daily life any more, since they’ve been used as priority packaging in the areas of cosmetic, glue, toothpaste, medicine ointment etc. Because of the various advantages of the aluminum soft tubes. 1.Aluminum has high reserves in nature, it can be exploited in many methods, which make it conducive to wide use and lower cost. 2. Aluminum has good ductility and is easy to be shaped; 3. Aluminum empty soft tube meets the [...]

Why Do The Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Giants Love Soft Pure Aluminum Tube Packaging?

Plastic tubes, laminated tubes, and pure aluminum collapsible tubes are generally used as the packaging for pharmaceutical ointment and cosmetic cream, the aluminum tube packaging remains a popular choice for more and more giant companies in the 2 industries. The plastic tube is made of synthetic high molecular polymer, which is characterized with light weight, impact resistance, and resistance to breakage. The laminated tubes are mainly composed of plastic and aluminum, and it has more complicated manufacturing process and poor [...]

Aren’t You Courious About the Different Type of Aluminum Soft Tubes’ Opening?

The aluminum empty tube with sealed opening is widely used as the packaging of semi-liquid cream or ointment products for its promising leakproofness performance. The aluminum collapsible tubes with sealed opening have various sizes from 3ml to 120ml basically. Have you ever seen physically these different kinds of the aluminum tubes? Do you know what makes it special? Firstly, the initial rough aluminum empty tube will be modified. During the first procedure, the tubes with precise length and smooth thread will [...]

Wanna Know More About Hair Color Market In China?

The market situation of hair dye products. According to the statistics from the Ministry of Health of China, more than 180 factories were authorized to produce nearly 200 brands hair colorant products in 1998. At present, there are two consumer groups of hair dyeing products in China. One is the middle and old age people with gray hair. They dye their gray hair black with black hair coloring to keep youth. The hairdressing calls it traditional hair dye. The other [...]