Plastic Aluminum Barrier Tube for Personal Care Cream

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Plastic aluminum barrier tube for cosmetic  eye cream essence with long nozzle 

Junsam packaging can produce a variety of packaging tubes , including aluminum cosmetic tube , plastic aluminum barrier tube, plastic tube, such as face/hand cream tube,  pharmaceutical tube etc.

The tube packaging can be customized:  

tube volume- 5ml(0.17oz) ~200ml(6.76oz) for aluminum collapsible tube

3ml(0.1oz)~400ml(13.52oz) for laminated tube, namely plastic aluminum barrier tube and plastic tube

What we promise :

guaranteed quality raw material, fast production time, different option of printing and good after service.

All the raw materials of the plastic aluminum barrier tube is nontoxic and environmental friendly, which makes Junsam packaging more safer for human and pets.

Usage ranges of the ABL laminated tube:

The plastic aluminum barrier tubes are widely used in toothpaste, pharmaceutical ointment and cosmetic cream. 

The Laminate toothpaste tubes are suitable for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food products.

They are manufactured from multi-layer laminate foil with the use of aluminium or plastic barrier that is inserted between the inner and outer layers of the tube.

Laminate tubes represent an easy, hygienic and safe method of packing, that provides efficient barrier against leakage of volatile substances and protection against UV rays as well.

More details about the plastic aluminum barrier tube: 

Diameter: from 16 to 50mm

Length: various due to clients’ requirement

Capacity: from 10g to 300g

Material: ABL tube, PP cap

Tube shape: round, oval

Cap: screw cap, flip top cap etc.

MOQ: 10,000 pcs

Lead time: 25 to 30 days

Contact us:

Cel/Whatsapp: 0086-15113353097
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Payment term: we used to do T/T & L/C, D/A or D/P is optional for some big customers

Lead time: generally 25 to 30 days

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