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About Aluminum Hand Cream Tubes

The aluminum hand cream tubes are made of aluminum ingot in purity not inferior to 99.7%, and they are produced in compliance with the industrial standard of YYBB00162002-2015.

The Properties of the aluminum empty tube:

  • Airtight,
  • No ingress of light and UV rays,
  • Heat-resistant,
  • Corrosion-resistant,
  • The aluminum pharmacy tube efficiently protects the contents by preventing bacteria, germs and other potentially hazardous substances from entering the tube

The aluminum collapsible tubes is produced by one time impact extrusion which makes it not possible to have gap or leak.  has no spring-bak defect in use

More features of the Aluminum Hand Cream Tubes


Raw material: 99.7% purity aluminum slug or flake


100% recyclable, environment-friendly


Impressive offset printing


Max 6 colors offset printing; label or sticker will also do


Inner lacquer phenolic epoxy resists strong ammonia or acid


Wide use range: pharmaceutical, cosmetic & toiletry, like hair color cream, hand cream, lip balm, chemical, pigment, painting, animal food, nutrition gel, and other the semi-liquid products including pharmacy ointment products such as eye ointment, personal care products such as shaving cream, shoe polish etc..

Wide ranging diameters:

13.5 mm, 16 mm, 19 mm, 22 mm, 25 mm, 28 mm, 30 mm, 32 mm, 35 mm, 38mm, 40mm


Membrane sealed, open, with sanitary screw

Thread/ Screw:

M7, M9, M11, M12, M15, M16

Various nozzle:

Membrane-sealed, open end, extended nozzle, long nozzle, nasal tips, ophthalmic tips

Shoulder finish:

Plain, uncoated, polished, coated, printing, pattern

Internal coating/lacquer:

High-quality phenolic epoxy resin.It is critical to adapt the high-quality and anti-leaking epoxy phenolic with reliable and stable performance to your tubes, and also it’s key element to spray the inner coating properly, OR the coating won’t protect the products from corrosion and even leads to leakage.

Bottom sealant:

It is optional and there are various sealants for the tubes, and it depends on customers’ filling.

Usage/Application of Aluminum Empty Tubes

• Creams
• Ointments
• Gels for eyes, skin, etc…
Toiletries and cosmetics
• Toothpaste
• Hair color/dye
• Shaving cream
• Cold cream
• Hand cream
• Shampoos
• Herbal cosmetics
Adhesives and rubber solutions
• Adhesives
• Cyano-acrylates
• Rubber solutions
• Lubricants
Paints and Inks
• Duplication inks
• Colour paints
• Oil Colours
• Water Colours
Food products
• Butter
• Cheese spread
• Mustard


Further advantages of the aluminum collapsible tubes

100% recyclable

Comparing to the hybrid products, the aluminum hand cream tubes are from pure aluminum, so in addition to the properties above, the aluminum squeeze tubes are 100% recyclable.

Sterile handling

The aluminum hand cream tubes are perfectly adapted to products requiring the highest standards of hygiene and quality like pharmaceuticals, high-end cosmetics and foods.


The use of aluminum hand cream tubes allows preservative-free processing of products in the food and pharmaceutical industry.


The aluminum printing tubes have been used for packaging purposes in various sectors. Thanks to new printing techniques, the aluminum pharmacy tube can be printed in 8 different colors with a wide array of finishes.


Q:  How is the MOQ of the aluminum hand cream tubes?
A: Our MOQ is generally 50,000 pieces each design/art, we could do 30,000 pieces as well for consolidating shipment.

Q: How is your lead time?
A: It takes generally 15 to 20 days. It could be shorter in slow season; while it could be longer in peak season.
But we always do our best to help deliver the urgent orders.

Q: Can we get some samples of aluminum cream tubes from you? Are you going to charge us for the samples?
A:  Storage samples are always free any time.  But it costs for running production when it comes to customized samples with your art printed, and it takes about 7 days to deliver customized samples.

Q: Our company is launching several new products, and we’re looking for a metal collapsible tube type. This is the first time we work on the aluminum tubes, what would be the process if we are going to order from you?
A:  We could follow the steps as:
~ We will quote you the price per your requirement about the tubes. (Basic information about diameter and length or volume, cap will be needed. If you don’t know anything about the size, you could refer to the Volume chart we provided above.)
~  Free samples will be sent to you for your evaluation or testing inner lacquer stability.
~ Customized samples will be made for you given you provided the artwork.
~ After you approved the samples, we could start the cooperation procedure.

Q: What is your payment term?
A: Normally 30% deposit before production and 70% balance should be paid by T/T before shipment, while it could be negotiable for the good credit old customers.

Q: What is the diameter range are you capable of with the aluminum tube?
A:  Our general diameter ranges from 13.5 mm to 40 mm.

Any questions, please feel free to contact us:

Cel/Whatsapp: 0086-15113353097
View my profile on Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/aluminumtubesupplier/

Raw material: aluminum of purity not inferior to 99.7%

Cap: high-quality plastic cap

Inner lacquer: high-quality expoxy phenolic resin; we used to use the lacquer from PPG who is a well-known and reliable supplier of lacquer. The quality of lacquer is critical to cosmetic and pharmaceutical, as it plays an important role of preventing ointment or cream from reaction with air.

Bottom latex or sealant: it is actually optional, and it depends on the characters of product and the filling machine of the clients.

Packaging: high-quality carton, and plastic pallets are optional due to different clients. Divider inside carton is not a common option, but used to be necessary for some specific clients, as it will lead to high cost on packaging.


Payment term: we used to do T/T & L/C, D/A or D/P is optional for some big customers

Lead time: generally 3 weeks to 5 weeks

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