Why The Cosmetic Giants Stick to Metal Packaging for The Semi-liquid Products?

The major daily consumer giants like to use metal packaging to contain paste products because of the advantages of the metal packaging.

The metal packaging has excellent mechanical and barrier properties, comprehensive protection performance.

The mechanical strength of metal packaging materials is superior to other packaging materials. For example, the aluminum collapsible tubes, despite their thin walls, have high comprehensive strength and are not easily damaged. In addition, it has the merits of temperature resistance, humidity resistance, insect resistance and resistance to harmful substances.

Metal packaging materials have excellent barrier properties, such as gas barrier properties (such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, water vapor, etc.), moisture resistance, light blocking (especially UV blocking), and aroma retention properties. Therefore, they are widely used as the packaging of food, medicine, cosmetic and chemical.

The metal packaging material has its own unique metallic luster, which is convenient for printing and decoration, thus beautify the appearance of the product, and increase the value of the product.

The metal material performs great being processed, and the process technology is very mature, which makes it workable for continuous automatic production. Metal packaging materials have good ductility and strength, can be made into soft tubes, cans, bottles, etc., and can also be combined with paper, plastics to be component packaging materials.

As the main materials of metal packaging, the iron and aluminum are extremely rich in reserves on the earth. The production of metal packaging is formed large-scale with a wide variety of materials. Metal packaging is usually recyclable. For example, the aluminum packaging tube can be recycled reduce environmental pollution.