Why Inner Lacquer Is Sprayed To the Interior Wall Of Aluminum Soft Packaging Tube?

Speaking of the packaging aluminum tube, people might feel a bit strange. But the aluminum collapsible tubes are obviously accessible in our daily life. For example, hand cream, pharmaceutical ointment, tooth paste and glue are commonly contained in aluminum soft tubes. Aluminum tubes are generally used as the packaging of ointment and paste products. The ointment products for end consumers is usually small-volume, like between 3ml and 100ml, which is convenient for application, carrying and storage.

You may not have thought what makes aluminum empty tubes excellent packaging.  It is about the special procedure, which is the inner lacquer sprayed to the inner wall of the aluminum tubes.

One of the advantages of the aluminum squeeze tube is that is that it can protect the ointment product by isolating the air, water vapor, moisture, light, ultraviolet rays, bacteria and other substances, and decreases the probability of the ointment being polluted and deteriorated. However, if it encounters a slightly corrosive paste, a chemical reaction may still occur, resulting in corrosion of the tube wall or deterioration of the paste.

The inner lacquer is phenolic, which is transparent and resistant to high temperature and acid, and it can efficiently block the acid, alkali, moisture and solvent, and eradicate any risks of reaction between the ointment and the aluminum. Those products easily to be affected by oxygen and moisture will definitely extend the shelf life if they are contained in the aluminum packaging tube with inner wall sprayed with inner lacquer. Besides, the inner wall of pure aluminum tube for hair colorant must be sprayed with lacquer.

Last, it is necessary to pay attention that since the epoxy phenolic resin will directly contact with the ointment or cream products, the resin must be nontoxic.  Resin adhere to USA FAD standard is widely used in this industry to guarantee consumption safety.