Why Do The Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Giants Love Soft Pure Aluminum Tube Packaging?

Plastic tubes, laminated tubes, and pure aluminum collapsible tubes are generally used as the packaging for pharmaceutical ointment and cosmetic cream, the aluminum tube packaging remains a popular choice for more and more giant companies in the 2 industries.

The plastic tube is made of synthetic high molecular polymer, which is characterized with light weight, impact resistance, and resistance to breakage. The laminated tubes are mainly composed of plastic and aluminum, and it has more complicated manufacturing process and poor tightness. The aluminium soft collapsible tubes are made of pure aluminum slug or flake with purity not inferior to 99.7%. The aluminum flexible tubes for pharmaceutical and cosmetic has certain physical and mechanical properties, which make it effectively protect the product. Therefore, it should have certain strength, toughness and elasticity to adapt to static and dynamic influences such as pressure, shock, and vibration.

There are wide accesses to the aluminum empty tube raw material, which is low-cost, and apt to proceed after use and environment-friendly.

The good sealing performance of the soft printing aluminum tubes can ensure the quality of the entire product packaging and thus to prevent the issue of leakage, pollution and quality spoil from the bad sealing.

A dense oxide protective film is easily formed on the surface of aluminum, which can effectively protect the the products from vapor, oxygen, etc.. The empty aluminum tubes with latex sealed on bottom has very good sealing quality.

The pure aluminum has a density of only 2.7g/cm³, which is a lightweight metal, and it can be processed by a variety of casting methods, and is easy to shape; aluminum has a simple manufacturing process and is not easy to break, which can greatly reduce processing costs , which is conducive to energy saving;

Aluminum is a good conductor of heat, and its thermal conductivity is three times greater than that of iron; and its electrical conductivity is second only to silver and copper. When the paste is hot filled, it is more conducive to the rapid cooling and heat dissipation of the paste, which effectively guarantees the paste’s thermal conductivity and stability.
The polished surface of aluminum has a reflectivity of more than 80% to white light, and has good reflectivity to infrared, ultraviolet, and heat radiation. It can be used for storage in various occasions, saving more Storage and circulation costs, suitable for long-term display on the counter.

Compared with other non-aluminum materials, aluminum has excellent moisture and gas barrier properties. When the thickness of the aluminum foil is greater than 0.01mm, it has good moisture resistance; when the thickness is greater than 0.015mm, it has gas impermeability. The increase in thickness improves the barrier performance. The wall thickness of the flexible aluminum tube is greater than 0.09mm, and its barrier performance is extremely high.

The aluminum is non-magnetism, has no sparks due to strike. This feature brings great protection to safe production management, and also brings a high level of safety to market circulation.

Beautiful aluminum and its alloys have a silver-white luster due to their strong reflective properties. After processing, they can achieve a high degree of smoothness and brightness. The aluminum tube is good for printing and spraying and can make the surface bright and colorful, which is definitely going to enhance the image of the brands.