Wanna Know More About Hair Color Market In China?

The market situation of hair dye products.
According to the statistics from the Ministry of Health of China, more than 180 factories were authorized to produce nearly 200 brands hair colorant products in 1998. At present, there are two consumer groups of hair dyeing products in China. One is the middle and old age people with gray hair. They dye their gray hair black with black hair coloring to keep youth. The hairdressing calls it traditional hair dye. The other is young people who dye black hair brown, millet, wine red, gold and other colors.

Quality and Technology of hair dye products.
1. Internal quality
In recent years, large foreign companies are optimistic about our hair dye products market, and step into the market. The import channels of many raw materials are very open, which provides better support for domestic manufacturers to research and develop new products of various varieties and colors, and has made great progress in the quality, technology and variety of domestic hair dye products in recent years. It is gradually catching up with the level of products in developed countries. Poor quality products are gradually eliminated and withdrawn from the market. Although there are a lot of information on the mechanism of oxidative dye and dye formation, in fact, there are many factors that affect the hair dyeing process. For example, the influence of the PH, the complexity of multiple raw materials, and the intermediates. Therefore, experience still plays an important role in the formulation process design. It is not an easy job to prepare hair dye products with excellent properties and high stability.
2. Quality of outer packing
In recent years, the rapid development of cosmetics industry has promoted the further development of packaging manufacturers.
This is particularly prominent that the quality of hair dye packaging has a direct impact on product stability and shelf life. For example, the main packaging materials commonly used for hair dye are: (1) aluminum collapsible tube, (2)aluminum-plastic composite bag for their impressive performance of light weight, oxygen resistance and competitive price among other preferable natures. In recent years, domestic manufacturers have invested more scientific research in the research and development of packaging materials, which made the quality has been greatly improved. Such as the packaging aluminum tube and bag produced in Shanghai and Guangdong have reached or been close to the imported material level.
Development trend.
At present, the development trend of hair dyes at home and abroad has the following four characteristics:
1. Multifunctional hair dyes are selling well.
In the past, most hair dyes were single dyed. But in recent years, multifunctional hair dyes with hair dyeing, hair fanning, hair curing and other functions have been developed. As a result of low damage to hair, these products have become the most popular major products in the market.
2. Colourful hair dyes are fashionable.
Since the reform and opening up, people’s ideas have been further liberated, the pursuit of novelty and fashion has been reflected in all aspects of daily life, and the modification and dyeing of hair is naturally more prominent.
3. Fast-dyed hair dyes are popular.
Nowadays people’s life tempo is quickening and their work is tense. In order to adapt to this phenomenon, researchers have developed a fast hair dye in recent years. Use normal hair dye need to wait 30 minutes or so, but the fast hair dye can be shortened to about 10 minutes.
It can be predicted that fast-dyed hair dye will become one of the main varieties in hair dyeing market.
4. Natural hair dye, new raw material hair dye is still the direction of research and development.