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Why Inner Lacquer Is Sprayed To the Interior Wall Of Aluminum Soft Packaging Tube?

Speaking of the packaging aluminum tube, people might feel a bit strange. But the aluminum collapsible tubes are obviously accessible in our daily life. For example, hand cream, pharmaceutical ointment, tooth paste and glue are commonly contained in aluminum soft tubes. Aluminum tubes are generally used as the packaging of ointment and paste products. The ointment products for end consumers is usually small-volume, like between 3ml and 100ml, which is convenient for application, carrying and storage. You may not have [...]

What Do You Know About the Offset Printing in the Production of Aluminum Collapsible Tube?

The bright graphic design on the aluminum tube adopts the “four-color offset printing” processing technology, so how exactly is it used for production? It is not practical to ignore the process of Aluminum Collapsible Tube production, from graphic design to the actual printing. Because nowadays consumers not only pay attention to the function of the product, but also care about its looking, therefore, all suppliers of aluminum empty tube hope to make it exquisite with the tube printing. Offset printing is the most [...]

Do You Know How To Choose the Proper Packaing for Your Goods?

Many new cosmetic manufacturers are struggling with decision of packaging for their cosmetic, pharmacy or chemical products. Aluminum collapsible tube and plastic tube are widely used in the world as semi-liquid product container. However, how much do you know about them?  Let’s have a review here. What is Aluminum Collapsible Tube? Aluminum Collapsible Tube is widely used for containing cosmetics, toothpaste, pigments, grease, hair dye, and various adhesives and other ointment products. Its biggest feature is that the tube body will collapse after being squeezed, [...]