Something You May Not Know too Much About The Aluminum Tube Packaging

The flexible aluminum collapsible tubes is not uncommon in our daily life any more, since they’ve been used as priority packaging in the areas of cosmetic, glue, toothpaste, medicine ointment etc. Because of the various advantages of the aluminum soft tubes.
1.Aluminum has high reserves in nature, it can be exploited in many methods, which make it conducive to wide use and lower cost.
2. Aluminum has good ductility and is easy to be shaped;
3. Aluminum empty soft tube meets the requirements of environmental sustainable development;
Then what types of aluminum flexible tubes are more popular and rank higher sales in the market?
1.Blank tubes: As the name implies, it is a pure aluminum tube that is trimmed after aluminum flake stamping. The blank aluminum tube is not printed on the ground at all. It is mostly used as a promotion or accessory for matching products for sale, or the buyers put labels printed with their design on it or sale purpose.
2. White tube: a protective layer made of polyester resin is sprayed on the ground of the aluminum tube. This layer can not only protect the surface of the aluminum tube, but also has a decorative aesthetic effect, and contributes to better performance of the offset printing.
3. Printing tube: The exquisite aluminum tube is produced via four-color offset printing. Words, patterns, trademarks, LOGO, etc. can all be printed on the surface of the aluminum tube to make it more exquisite and unique. Printing tubes are commonly used as the cosmetic, glue and hair dye packaging etc. The unique design printing make the tubes look more beautiful and meet the visual needs of consumers, thereby generating the desire to buy on the one hand, and it can better help consumers distinguish different brand on the other hand.