Some Processes about the Aluminum Tubes You Better Know

The aluminum empty tube becomes regular packaging material as time pasts, not only because of its high-level airtightness, oxidation and corrosion resistance ability, but the most importance is it’s non-toxic and odorless.  Therefore, it’s been used widely as the packaging for cosmetic cream, medicine, pharmacy ointment, chemical grease to contain hand cream, hair dyeing, glue, adhesive and pharmaceutical ointment, pigment, paint etc..

There are many other processes for inner lacquer, ground coating, printing, bottom latex and capping etc.,after the extrusion process of the aluminum tube. But this is not the case for all packaging aluminum tubes. The products filled in the tubes and the tube design determine which processing processing procedure should be launched for the aluminum soft tube.  You will know more about the alumium/aluminium/aluminum tube if you take some times to get through the following Q&A.

Q:  What kind of products will need aluminum tube with inner lacquer applied?

A:  Products that are highly corrosive, sensitive and easily deteriorated, and easily react with metals, such as glue with strong acidity, will request tube with inner lacquer sprayed.  Because the raw material used in the internal lacquer is mainly epoxy phenolic resin, which can prevent corrosion, oxidation.

Question 2: what kind of product will request aluminum empty tube with ground coating applied?

A: the ground coating is made from saturated polyester resin, which will effectively prevent the film on the surface of the tube from oxidation and corrosion. The printing will look much better even with the ground coating applied prior to, especially for the cosmetic packaging tube.

Q:What kind of product needs packaging with printing.

A:  almost all customers have their own artwork designed exclusively for their own products.  Aluminum flexible tube with artwork printed on by offset printing method will make the product look glorious, and thus benefit the marketing.

Q:What kind of product will need the aluminum tube with bottom latex applied?

A: The function of the bottom glue is mainly to enhance the sealing performance after sealing, prevent the leakage of the ointment, isolate the content from contact with air and moisture, and ensure the shelf life of the ointment.  Therefore, those products that are easy to get dry or leak, such as glass cement and cosmetic, will request bottom latex.

Q:what kind of product needs aluminum tube with dual folding at end?

A: Those quick-drying glass cement and AB glue. Dual folding makes better sealing performance.

Although the processing procedures of aluminum collapsible tube are not high-tech, to manufacture high-quality aluminum tubes for packaging, every process must be paid attention to, so that the finished product can be perfectly presented to consumers.