How Much Do You Know About the Laminated Tubes?

The laminated tube is a new type of composite tube manufactured by extrusion molding process. It is made of polyethylene (or cross-linked polyethylene)–hot melt adhesive–aluminum–hot melt adhesive– Ethylene (cross-linked polyethylene) consists of five layers, with good mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, anti-aging properties, temperature resistance and hygienic properties. The theoretical service life of ABL tubes can reach 50 years. According to the different welding methods of the intermediate aluminum layer, it is divided into lap welding laminated tubes and butt-welded laminated tubes.
There are four typical structures for laminated tubes:
First: Polyethylene / Adhesive Resin / Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol / Adhesive Resin / Polyethylene.
Second: polyethylene (outer layer) / adhesive resin (white) / ethylene – vinyl alcohol / adhesive resin / polyethylene (inner layer).
Third: polyethylene (outer layer) / adhesive resin (white) / polyester (or coating with SIO, Al2O3, etc.) / adhesive resin Al2O3 / polyethylene (inner layer).
Fourth: Polyethylene/adhesive resin (white)/polyester/adhesive resin.

JunSam is specialized in the manufacture and exportation of the laminated tubes in various sizes, and the tubes are usually used for toothpaste and other semi-liquid products.