How Big Is The Impact Of Packaging Material On Cosmetic Safety?

People are paying more and more attention to the safety of skin care product, but in addition to the skin care products, packaging is also an important factor causing “safety” problems in skin care products.

Skin care product is an essential part of their daily life for the women who are fashion lovers.

It is convincible that most women will have problems to choose what they want for skin care when they are looking at the numerous and attractive goods in the shelves, such as essence, cream and facial mask ect. They are desperate and wish to get all those shelves goods to their shopping carts, and start to have the fantasy that they will have their skin whiten, wrinkle removed and turn to more attractive.

Most consumers are getting more and more sensitive on the safety of ingredients, and will check carefully the ingredients list to ensure there is no harmful materials. But do you know that, harmful materials can not only come from the cosmetic but also from unqualified packaging materials.

Packaging plays an critical role for skin care products, as it can not only draw consumers’ attention, but also Isolate skin care products from the outside, which therefore is capable of anti-correction, anti-oxidation and inhibiting odor diffusion.

Why the cosmetic packaging would affect the skin care product safety?

Because once the packaging contain excess toxic and harmful substances, such as microbial contamination, the harmful substances will release themselves to the cosmetic. In addition, when PH and heat and cold resistance ability performs inconsistent with requirement standard, the cosmetic quality and character will be changed, and therefor do harm to human body.

Therefore, it is a trend that detection procedure on harmful material in cosmetic packaging is unavoidable.