Do You Really Need The Aluminum Soft Tube With Open Orifice?

The aluminum collapsible tube with open orifice is the one without aluminum membrane sealed. The aluminum empty tubes are very good chooses for packing ointment products, such as hand cream, glue, ointment, shoe polish, paint, pigment etc. The soft metal tube made of pure aluminum has brilliant performance in airtightness. The tube body will collapse instead of rebounding after squeezing the paste from it, which means that air and water vapor will not flow back into the tube. Then the chance of contamination of the contents will be decreased dramatically. This is also one of major reasons why more and more brands choose aluminum flexible tubes as packaging materials.
The orifice of aluminum collapsible tube can be open or sealed with aluminum membrane. In addition to different appearances, different nozzle designs actually have their own unique functions. Let’s have a review on the usage of aluminum tubes with the 2 types orifice.
First of all, the open orifice of the aluminum tube is generally flat. This kind of tube is usually used for packing dense paste products, such as grease, soil filling cream, cream, shoe polish, etc.;
Then, the plastic cap for the aluminum empty tube with open orifice usually has a ring around the orifice, that will efficiently prevent the paste from leaking, curing, and deterioration. Moreover, with an open design, consumers only need to unscrew the lid and apply directly to the place where they need to be used, which is very convenient.
Regarding to the option of applying of open or sealed orifice, besides the appearance, more consideration should be given to the nature of the the product filled. Products like glue, hand cream, pigment and paint are daily necessities, so it’s very important to use the safe and high-quality packaging materials.