Do You Know How To Choose the Proper Packaing for Your Goods?

Many new cosmetic manufacturers are struggling with decision of packaging for their cosmetic, pharmacy or chemical products.

Aluminum collapsible tube and plastic tube are widely used in the world as semi-liquid product container.

However, how much do you know about them?  Let’s have a review here.

What is Aluminum Collapsible Tube?

Aluminum Collapsible Tube is widely used for containing cosmetics, toothpaste, pigments, grease, hair dye, and various adhesives and other ointment products. Its biggest feature is that the tube body will collapse after being squeezed, making it impossible for air to flow into the inside of the hose. Therefore, oxidation or contamination of the contents is not prone to occur, and the shelf life of the product can be extended.

What is plalstic PE tube?

Plastic Tube is also a kind of packaging material, which is commonly used in cosmetics and ointment and ointment industries, such as cleansing products (face wash, etc.), skin care products (various eye creams, moisturizers, sunscreens, etc.) and beauty salon products (shampoo, Hair conditioner) and other cosmetic packaging. It is characterized by light weight, easy to carry and squeeze.

The advantage of Aluminum Collapsible Tube:

1.Aluminum tube perform more stable as packaging comparing with plastic tube.
The aluminum tube does not suck back, which can avoid sucking back air and causing reaction between the contents with the air. The barrier and light-shielding performance of aluminum tubes are also significantly better than plastic hoses. The aluminum tubes with inner lacquer have less impact on the stability and effectiveness of the contents than plastic tubes.

2.The aluminum tube has good processing performance, no resilience, high thermal conductivity, good ductility, airtightness, and sufficient protection for the contents.

3.The aluminum empty tube manufacturing process is simple comparatively, and it’s not fragile.

4.The aluminum collapsible tube is characterized by convenient use, storage, transportation, environmental protection, durability, beautiful appearance, and easy identification.

5.Due to the inner lacquer sprayed, the aluminum soft tube is not apt to do reaction with contained product, therefore the goods nature won’t be changed.

The advantage of Plastic PE Tube:

1. Plastic is a kind of synthetic high molecular polymer, which is characterized by light weight, impact resistance and good toughness.
2. The plastic tube is relatively soft, has excellent squeeze resistance and is easy to squeeze.
3. The materials used for plastic tubes are relatively low-cost, so the PE tube is comparatively lower.
However, the composition of plastics contains some additives, such as stabilizers, plasticizers, antioxidants, etc. These additives may migrate into the contents contained, and the contents may also be adsorbed by the plastic, thereby affecting the stability and effectiveness of the contents. Therefore, plastic PE tubes are not suitable for long-term use, especially those with unstable chemical properties.

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