Cushion Cosmetic From South Korea Is No Longer Exclusive French Brands Are Racing To Grab A Piece Of China Market Share

Cushion Cream Container

Cushioning makeup originated from the Korean. Due to the innovative design and convenient apply, with encourage from Korean idol drama, Korean cushion cream has been hot in the Chinese market in the past two years. However, data from BeautyResearch, an authoritative research report of the beauty makeup industry, shows that high-end brands from Europe and the America surpass the Koreas brands and occupied most part of China market. Driven by the high-end brands from French, the brands from Europe and America start to snatch the market share in China. Unlike the concealer cream used to be carried in soft aluminum tube or plastic tube, the cushion cream is packed in a plastic container.


The cushion cream came to use in 2008 from South Korea. Because of the convenient applying and preferable performance, it swept over the whole beauty area since it entered into the market. With the increasing consuming of cushion cream, many European and American brands tried to grab some market share. Brands like Lancome, Dior and YSL start to develop their own cushion design and make some break through according to Asian women skin. In recent years, the cushion cream from Europe and America become more and more popular in Asian.
BeautyResearch took samples from thousands of cosmetic shops from 7 countries in Asia and made analyze, and presented the individual category in Asian countries. According to the data, Lancome from French ranked the First as the best selling of make-up product and cushion cream in Asia. This encourage more and more European and American brands get into China market.