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Cosme Tech Japan 2019

The COSME Tech show in Japan is one of best cosmetic show in Asia with expanding visitors and exhibitors.  What’s more, the show is target platform for those high-end customers, who require high-quality products and service. Junsam packaging products Co., Ltd. attended the show held in 30, Jan ~ 1st, Feb. . For information about the show, please check:

How Big Is The Impact Of Packaging Material On Cosmetic Safety?

People are paying more and more attention to the safety of skin care product, but in addition to the skin care products, packaging is also an important factor causing “safety” problems in skin care products. Skin care product is an essential part of their daily life for the women who are fashion lovers. It is convincible that most women will have problems to choose what they want for skin care when they are looking at the numerous and attractive goods in the shelves, [...]

Wanna Know More About Hair Color Market In China?

According to the statistics from the Ministry of Health of China, more than 180 factories were authorized to produce nearly 200 brands hair colorant products in 1998. At present, there are two consumer groups of hair dyeing products in China. One is the middle and old age people with gray hair. They dye their gray hair black with black hair coloring to keep youth. The hairdressing calls it traditional hair dye. The other is young people who dye black [...]

How Is Hair Dye Categorized?

Hair dye is a cosmetics dyeing hair, categorized into temporary, semi-permanent and permanent hair color, which is normally semi-liquid and contained in soft tube, such as plastic tube and aluminum tube and other soft cosmetic tube. Hair dye cosmetics have the effect of changing the color of hair, commonly known as hair dye. The Chinese belong to the yellow race, and most of them use white hair to blacken the beauty, so the hair dye is also relatively monotonous. Europeans and Americans [...]

Cushion Cosmetic From South Korea Is No Longer Exclusive French Brands Are Racing To Grab A Piece Of China Market Share

Cushioning makeup originated from the Korean. Due to the innovative design and convenient apply, with encourage from Korean idol drama, Korean cushion cream has been hot in the Chinese market in the past two years. However, data from BeautyResearch, an authoritative research report of the beauty makeup industry, shows that high-end brands from Europe and the America surpass the Koreas brands and occupied most part of China market. Driven by the high-end brands from French, the brands from Europe [...]

Sweden Forbid Plastic Particles In Some Cosmetic Product

It is reported that the Sweden government is planning to forbid selling rinse type cosmetic containing plastic particles to reduce plastic marine litter. The ban will go into effect since 1st, July, 2018, and apply to products containing plastic particles such as toothpaste, exfoliating scrub, face cleaning, shower gel, shampoo and hair conditioner etc. The cosmetic products listed above carry plastic particles for the purpose of cleaning and exfoliating. However there is exception with the product containing individual natural [...]

How Acquisition Activity Triggers Marketing Performance

After The Acquisition Of The Body Shop, The Profit Of Brazilian Cosmetics Giant Natura Grew By 117.5% In 2017, The Year Of Transition. Recently, Natura & Co , the Brazilian cosmetics giant, published the financial data for 2017, which showed that all their brands performed well, with full-year net sales growth rate of 24.5% and net margin rate of 117.5%. Up to 31 December, 2017, Natura’s core financial data for the year as follows: Net sales grew to 9.85 billion Brazilian Reals [...]

Japan Carries Out Purchasing Restriction Measures To Prevent Purchasing Agents From Improper Profiting

In recent years, with the number of visitors to Japan has increased sharply and some of them buy cosmetics in large quantities not for their own use, but for the purpose of making money as paying agents. This situation led to short supply of cosmetic in Japan. Despite the marketing boosting eventually benefit the cosmetic enterprises financially. However, the old customers got dissatisfied due to the frequent shortage of goods. What’s worse, the cosmetic enterprises are blamed for the [...]

Cosmetic Consumption During Jan And Feb Increased by 12.5%

According to the date released by The State Administration of Statistics, the total consumption of retail consuming goods during Jan and Feb in 2018 has reached 6108.2 billion RMB, with year-on-year growth of 9.7%, while cosmetic retail consumption achieved 42.2 billion, with the year-on-year increasing rate of 12.5%, which is not only higher than the overall retail level of consumer goods, but also greater than the growth rate 10.6% in the same period of last year in the same [...]