Aren’t You Courious About the Different Type of Aluminum Soft Tubes’ Opening?

The aluminum empty tube with sealed opening is widely used as the packaging of semi-liquid cream or ointment products for its promising leakproofness performance.
The aluminum collapsible tubes with sealed opening have various sizes from 3ml to 120ml basically. Have you ever seen physically these different kinds of the aluminum tubes? Do you know what makes it special?

Firstly, the initial rough aluminum empty tube will be modified. During the first procedure, the tubes with precise length and smooth thread will be shaped out. The neat thread of the tubes will be very helpful for the airtightness of the tubes especially once the sealed membrane was punched.

The aluminum tubes can be in open orifice and sealed opening.

The tubes with sealed opening are usually used to contain comparatively thin cream, such as glue, adhesive, hand cream and cosmetics. Since the opening comes with aluminum membrane sealed, the air, steam, moisture and bacteria will be blocked, thus the containing products will not be contaminated and spoiled.

The tubes with open orifice are generally used to carry thick paste, such as lubricating grease, putty paste and lotion etc.. The design of open orifice caters to consumers’ use convenience. The end customers can apply the products once twist off the caps. Meanwhile afterwards the caps can still be put on and keep the tube leakproof.