Do You Know The Difference Between Tubes with Open Orifice and Seal Orifice?

Open orifice Vs. Sealed Orifice of the aluminum collapsible tubes:

The orifice of the aluminum collapsible tubes are usually made open and sealed with membrane. It is well known that the aluminum empty tubes are used as the packaging of food, cosmetic cream, medicine ointment and chemical grease, such as mustard, chocolate, animal nutrition, hair color, hand cream, shaving gel, adhesive, glue, grease, shoe polish, paint etc.

The aluminum collapsible tubes made out of pure aluminium has sound performance in airtightness. The tube body will not bounce back after squeezing the products out of the tubes.  It means the air and the moisture will not enter back into the tube, thus reducing the risk of contamination of the products.  This is one of the main reasons why the brand giants choose the aluminum tubes for their packaging.

How to choose the right aluminum collapsible tubes for your products?

The aluminum collapsible tubes with open and sealed orifice are chose respectively for different products.  Today we are going to talk about how to choose between these 2 types of tube.

  • Tubes with open orifice:

First of all, the aluminum tube with open orifice is generally cylindrical with a flat mouth, and is mostly used to fill thick or dense paste products, such as grease, soil filling paste, cream, shoe polish, etc.  These tubes will normally match with plastic caps with better sealing ability.  Then they can prevent the leakage, curing and deterioration of the paste. Moreover, this kind of tube is designed for convenient usage. The consumers can directly apply it once twisting off the caps. Octagonal caps are widely used for the aluminum tube packaging with open orifice.

  • Tubes with sealed orifice:

With regards to the aluminum collapsible tubes with sealed tubes, they are actually normally used a lot in our daily life. For example, the cosmetic, hand cream, toothpaste and glue are usually contained by the aluminum flexible tubes.  This kind of tube is sealed with aluminum membrane in the mouth, which will be penetrated through by the punching pierce on the plastic cap before application, and it is generally used to contain thin product such as glue, adhesive, hair colorant etc..