Do You Know How the Inner Wall of the Aluminum Empty Tube Works Efficiently?

The pure collapsible aluminum tubes were initially used as packaging of pigment because it’s more convenient to carry and store.  It become popular as the container and packaging of semi-liquid, cream and ointment products afterwards.  The aluminum empty tubes were found practical packaging though small-sized, and the sealing property is enhanced dramatically, which prevent the cream or ointment from being spoiled, and ensure shelf-time of the products, such as pharmacy ointment, hair colorant and hand cream etc..

If you have a chance to cut apart the aluminum tube and look at its inner wall, you’ll find it’s been processed.  Firstly, the interior wall is covered by the very thin resin, which is used to block the contact between the product and the aluminum to prevent chemical reaction, and strengthen the sealing performance at the end of the tube, and prevent the leakage of the cream or ointment  and keep the air or moisture away at the same time.

Either the resin on the inner wall or the sealant at the bottom of the aluminum soft tubes are applied to fortify the sealability of the packaging and safely store the cosmetic or pharmacy products.

Aluminum Collapsible Tube

The tube is made of 99.7% pure aluminum for packaging of cosmetic, personal care, pharmaceutical, pigment and chemical etc..