Aluminum Paint Tube Collapsible

the aluminum paint tube is a perfect packaging option for painting product


Aluminum Paint Tubes


General detail characters of tube

Raw material: 99.7% purity aluminum slug or flake from Austria

Diameter: various from 13.5mm to 40mm;

Screw thread: M7, M9, M11, M15

Mouth: open, sealed with membrane, long nozzle etc.

Tube shoulder:  flat, pattern with ring or others, brushed, lacquered or polished

Printing ability: offset printing, maximum 7 colors;

Internal expoxy coating: customized, normally cosmetic and toiletry tube requires

Enamal: customized; normally it requires for printing tube;

Sealant:; customized

Cap for aluminum paint tube: various, plastic cylindrical, octagonal etc..


Lead time:

Customzed sample: 10days

Formal order shipment: 20 to 25 days


Other terms:

Payment: T/T, L/C or negotiated;

MOQ: 50,000pcs